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  • 6 Armpit Signs That You Have Health Problems

    Nowadays, we are becoming more aware of self-care and why it is so important. As a result, we started looking for signs on our bodies that tell us if we are healthy or not. These signs can be present in even the smallest areas that we tend to ignore.Here are some signs on your armpits […]

  • 10 dream symbols you should never ignore

    Carl Jung was a psychotherapist in the 19th century. He conducted a series of studies and concluded that research into dreams opens a door to consciousness and the spirit world. Dreams are a reflection of the subconscious of a person. Reading into dreams allows us to decipher a person’s pent-up thoughts and emotions. The emotions […]

  • After reading this, you will never use your phone on a toilet again!

    We all have this weird habit of taking our phone into the bathroom. However, did you know that doing so exposes you and others to E. coli, salmonella, and other dangerous germs? Dr. Lisa Ackerley, a hygienist, explains that cleaning your private parts after going to the bathroom and then immediately picking up the phone […]