Possible symptoms of breast cancer that are not lumps

Women tend to suffer from a number of ailments and ailments at different stages of life. One of the most common forms of disease now engulfing women is breast cancer. Here, cancer cells are activated in the breast, which can eventually lead to harmful consequences, including death. Several medical research work and awareness programs have significantly helped reduce mortality. Among them, American women are estimated to have the highest incidence of breast cancer. This happens to a large portion of the world’s population almost every year.

Cancer is caused by abnormal growth of a tumor, that is, an increase in the number of discarded cells of a certain type that do not die and continue to multiply. These malignant cells can grow anywhere in the body. The disease can sometimes be hereditary. The most commonly accepted form of visible breast cancer is a lump that forms inside and around the breast. Doctors check for the possibility of these lumps at every visit because they are very common symptoms that are easy to spot. However, few people know that there may be several other symptoms that can help identify breast cancer. A few are listed here.

1: Pain

Sudden pain in the breast, medically known as breast pain, may be the result of a breast cyst, excessive stress, or a hormonal imbalance. Breast cancer can also lead to enlargement of the affected breast.

2: Nipple contraction

Women suffering from breast cancer may have a tendency to contract, which may cause the nipples to retract inward.

3: skin dimples

This is a form of skin irritation that can look like a perforated orange peel and is a possible sign of breast cancer.

4: scale

Breast cancer causes the skin to look old, wrinkled, and sometimes flaky, distorting the color and texture of the skin.

5: More than size

In general, women have slight differences in breast size, but what is unusual is that the affected breast suddenly enlarges or shrinks in a highly conspicuous shape.

6: Abnormal nipple discharge

Milk and other fluids from the nipples are a sign of a serious illness and require a doctor’s supervision.

7: lymph node enlargement

Lymph nodes under the armpit may swell as a sign of breast cancer. Although it may be a symptom of lymphoma, it is advisable to undergo a clinical examination. An increased number of hard, swollen lymph is a sign of a tumor.

8: Rapid weight loss

A common symptom of cancer is weight loss, and breast cancer can lead to similar conditions at an unusually fast rate.

Watch your body for these symptoms and get regular checkups to stay healthy.






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