7 reasons why you should not remove pubic hair

Shaving pubic hair for many people is nothing new. Some social theories have suggested that shaving pubic hair has something to do with cultural trends bred by certain hairless actors and actresses or even a misguided attempt at cleanliness. The most common areas of the body are the armpits, legs, pubic area, eyebrows, and the face for females. Face, abdomen, back, chest, thigh and legs for males. While some people prefer to use wax, shaving is the most common method for the armpits, legs, and pubic area.

Here are 7 reasons why you should not shave your pubic hair:

  1. Pubic hair contains pheromones
    Our pubes obviously contain an interesting mix of pheromones that help make us more attractive to others. These pheromones develop further as our bodies sweat and are also believed to increase sexual stimulation and arousal in potential mates.
  2. Not having a pubis means you are more likely to get molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is a viral skin infection that, while generally harmless, can look unsightly and itch.

  1. Hair removal can give you abscesses

Hair removal can lead to infected abscesses on the skin – caused by bacteria entering the body through hair follicles, these abscesses require treatment with either antibiotics or surgery, which always carries risks.

  1. Time

The time and effort required to maintain a leaf-free environment below may be enough to stop the practice, and shockingly enough, a study revealed that the average woman spends two months of her life removing pubic hair — and that’s a lot. From the hours will not return.

  1. Pubic hair helps control your body temperature

By removing your bars, you can compromise your body’s ability to cool itself. There is a sebaceous gland on each hair follicle that secretes oils to the hair – when this oil evaporates, the skin cools.

  1. Increased chance of contracting sexually transmitted diseases

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Those pesky short wrinkles actually help protect you from a variety of nasty STIs, and removing them leaves you at increased risk of a host of conditions, including genital warts and herpes.

  1. Friction burn

The hairless lady’s garden leaves you open to experience a very painful dose of rubbing the next time you’re feeling fresh, as pubic hair acts as a cushion and can prevent irritation and skin irritation. You’re asking for trouble – especially if either of you has any “regrowth” going on.






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