11 Secrets The Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

The worldwide beauty industry is worth $445 billion. It shows no signs of slowing down.

We, the average man (or woman), look at celebrities with picture-perfect beauty and wonder how that’s possible — and we wish we could look like them. How do they look great all the time?
While we may not have a full-time crew of beauticians to take care of us, we can take some simple steps to take care of ourselves.
Scroll down to discover 11 beauty secrets most people don’t know!

1 Sunscreen is the mother of all foundations.

Beauticians and celebrity makeup artists swear by the use of sunscreen. They emphasize that all beauty regimens begin with the application of sunscreen. Sunscreen with at least SPF 30 is highly recommended and should be applied twice daily. So, before going out, remember to apply sunscreen so that the UV light can protect your skin from damage.

2 Over-drying of the skin can increase inflammation.

When we use anti-spot creams to get rid of acne scars, we can actually damage our skin as these creams contain benzoyl peroxide. This substance dries out the skin. Instead, use a cleansing mask containing clay to get rid of infections and blemishes. Or you can exfoliate your skin with salicylic or lactic acid. If you don’t want to use these acid-rich creams and gels, you can use these fruits in a more natural way – raspberries, cucumbers, cantaloupe, strawberries.

3 Don’t neglect your neck.

The skin on the neck is thin. As thin as the skin of the face. So it needs as much care as our face needs. Massage the neck regularly with a light cream or lotion. It will help to relax and rejuvenate your skin. Your neck will later thank you for the lines that this regular massage will prevent from showing up.

4 Ice Ice Baby.

To bring an instant glow on the face, rub ice cubes on the face. The coolness of ice stimulates the skin and helps improve blood circulation.

5 Store your beauty products properly.

We like to have creams, lotions and potions on hand. That’s why we store it in the bathroom cabinet. But did you know that the humidity and hot temperatures in the bathroom can damage your beauty products? It is a good idea to store the face cream in the fridge after using it. Don’t forget to check the expiry date on your creams and foundations.

6 Regularly clean everything that touches your face.

Yes, that means your phone screen too! Clean your phone screen daily so that it is free from all germs that can cause acne. You should also replace your pillow cover at least once a week to make sure your face is on the cleanest surface possible.

7 Don’t use sponges and facial scrubs if you have pimples.

If you have blisters, don’t make the situation worse by applying a scrub or scrubbing with a sponge. This will lead to more irritation and inflammation. Simply use a soap-free paste made from water and aspirin to clean your skin.

8 The bags don’t belong under your eyes.

Do a facial massage to get rid of puffiness and circles under the eyes. This will help soften the skin under the eyes and also get rid of bags in the process. Simple facial massage can be done at home.

9 Your hands need your care too.

Hand skin is delicate and with frequent handling and washing it can dry out completely. For starters, use rubber hand gloves when washing dishes. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands every time you wash them. Keep a bottle of lotion handy in the kitchen. Anti-aging creams work great on hands too. For extra care, don’t forget to put some sunscreen on your hands before going out.

10 Cleanse your face every night

If you sleep with our makeup on, it will clog your pores. This can lead to acne and other infections, so be sure to wash off your makeup every night. It is best to use a cotton ball and some cleansing cream for your skin to remove all traces of makeup. For better results, follow up with the face wash to make sure that there is no residue on your skin.

11 You never go to bed wearing your bra.

Give your breasts enough room to breathe while sleeping. The bra is shrinking. This can cause poor blood circulation. In addition, they can leave black marks under the wires. In addition, you can sleep better if all parts of your body are free to move normally.






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