Bad bathing habits for your health

Showering is much more than just a way to clean ourselves. A shower is a morning wake-up call, a natural stress reliever, an aromatherapy, a bedtime story…

However, the skin is the largest organ in the body. The skin is directly affected by the shower. And through the skin many other things can directly affect other organs and metabolic processes.

Here are a few things to think about the next time you take a shower.

Take a contrast shower – Once you are done with the whole bathing process, turn on the shower to the fullest. In this way, the pressure of a full shower will directly affect the pressure of your body, making it even.

1 shower every day
The skin forms a surface layer that the body needs to protect itself from external bacteria and other influences, such as UV rays. Washing that layer off on a daily basis with all the chemical ingredients, just to get a good smell, is not a good idea. We don’t suggest not showering every day – just make sure you don’t rub yourself on a daily basis and rinse with pure water only without any shower gel.

2- Take a shower after a workout
It’s a natural request from your body! You want to get rid of that sticky smell and sweat, and release tension from your muscles after a workout. However, do not cool off after working out, taking long walks home or eating dinner or the like. Make sure to shower as soon as possible after your workout, even at the gym if they have one.

3 Clean the shower head regularly
Bacteria and desalination are typical of shower surfaces. Make sure to clean the showerhead and shower head at least twice a week.

4- Do not wrap a towel around your hair after showering
Although this is something you see in magazines and on TV, it’s not a healthy habit. Wet hair tends to fall out more and the natural oil produced by the scalp is rubbed with the towel, leaving your hair looking dry and without volume.

  1. Do not leave the blade in the shower
    We all shave some hair that shouldn’t be there in the shower. However, always take the blade out of the shower because moisture will cause your razor to wear out faster than usual.

6- Dish soap should always be dry
Never forget to turn off the soap once you are done, and squeeze out the excess liquid the soap makes from time to time. Excess moisture is always a perfect place for bacteria and fungi to develop, and you definitely don’t want it in a clean shower space.

7- Clean the bathtub
If you still have a bathtub instead of a shower, it takes more work to clean it. The materials that make up the bathtub tend to have more bacteria and dirt than the tiles in the bathroom. Always make sure to clean the bathtub at least twice a week with a scrub brush.

  1. Do not leave the sponge wet
    Like we said, a wet floor is good for the development of fungi and bacteria, and you definitely don’t want that on the sponge, the thing you want to remove bacteria and dirt from your body rather than just putting more of it on yourself. , right?

9- Always wash and scrub your feet well
Yes, you are very tired after a long day or after a grueling workout, and extra bending is sometimes the last thing on your mind. But don’t forget that the feet and the places between your toes are the things that have collected the most bacteria during the day. The point of showering is to clean yourself up, not just to smell good, right?






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