12 signs your marriage is over and tips for moving forward

When you marry someone, you hope to live happily ever after. However, your marriage may go through unprecedented times, and the never-ending quarrel and arguing can drain your energy. When you try so hard to keep your marriage together and fail miserably over and over again, you may be looking for signs that your marriage is over. You keep thinking about what went wrong in the marriage, hoping that one day things will go wrong. However, when your heart tells you that enough is enough, you need to pay attention to it and look for a way out. In this post, we list some of the obvious signs that your marriage is over and what you can do about it.

  1. There is a lot of negativity

Currently, all your dealings with your spouse are negative, hateful, and disrespectful; Positive reactions rarely occur. You argue or fight all the time.
The accumulated resilience will make your marriage fertile ground for bitterness.

  1. Infidelity will never end

Cheating can be forgiven once or twice. But for that to happen, the offending partner must sincerely apologize and vow never to walk away from marriage again. If the husband does not regret what they did and continues to cheat, then this tells you something.

  1. You no longer become physically intimate

We’re not just talking about sex. Relationships are strengthened by soft but reassuring touches such as holding hands, hugging, cuddling and kissing. These touches help us connect on a deeper emotional level and feel more connected. When it doesn’t, that’s not a good sign
It’s also a big red flag when one spouse desires sex and the other constantly rejects it. This can seriously affect the self-esteem of the spouse who is being denied.

  1. Don’t share anything anymore

If you do not share your feelings, thoughts, fears, and daily experiences with each other, you will not find each other worthy of being in your life. Communication is essential to relieve stress and strengthen the bond with your partner. If one spouse refuses to share his feelings or hear the feelings of the other, this is a clear sign of a split.

  1. You have no interest in each other

Not only do you not share anything with your spouse, but you also don’t care to know what’s going on in their lives. This indicates a lack of interest in your partner. The best part about marriage is having a mate you can talk to and listen to. When neither of you makes efforts to get to know each other, something goes wrong in your relationship.

  1. Addiction destroys your life

Alcohol or drug addiction can spoil your marriage. If a person is unwilling to change their ways, it will be very difficult for their partner to survive uncertainty, insults, and in some cases physical violence as this becomes a daily routine.

  1. Exit Secrets

If your husband has declared that he is gay or in love with someone else, there is nothing you can do about it but move on. Listen to your heart and do what’s best for both of you. If this calls for an end to this marriage, be brave and do it.

  1. Your wife’s absence makes you feel better

The thought of not having to be with your spouse gives you peace, relaxation, and comfort. If you are wondering how wonderful your life would be without your wife, then this is a clear indication of the beginning of the end of your union.

  1. Financial transactions go awry between the two of you

You’ve both discussed and treated money together like anything else in your marriage. But if your spouse suddenly changes passwords, withdraws money without telling you, or embezzles your money, it may reflect his concerns about you and the relationship.

  1. Tiredness and spending more time in front of the screen

This sign is subjective. If your spouse is really overburdened with work as the deadline approaches or their work is usually hectic, it may not be a sign of a bad marriage. But if the partner is intentionally busy sitting in front of the computer or extending their work hours to avoid you, then you should discuss why this happened.

  1. One of the partners has already surrendered

If one of you has already given in to the other, there is nothing the other can do. If your partner refuses to talk about problems, receive treatment, walks away or ignores whatever you try – this indicates that hope is fading in marriage. Just as the occurrence of a problem requires two people, its solution also requires two people.

  1. Counseling has become ineffective

You and your partner attended counseling sessions previously, tried to fit in and live together, but the relationship broke up too many times to be repaired. If you’ve tried couples counseling and haven’t noticed any improvement, it’s time to rethink your marriage.






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