12 mistakes you make while taking a shower that can affect your health

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you next shower in order to enhance your enjoyment:

  1. Shower after exercise
    When we exercise, an unpleasant odor appears in our sweat due to the presence of microbes on our skin. These microbes need to be cleaned from the skin to avoid skin sensitivity and rashes. So, take a shower as soon after your workout as possible.
  2. Don’t get a pedicure after shaving
    We often tend to shave our legs first and then finish the pedicure. This practice can lead to small scratches on our feet to get sick.
  3. Take a contrast shower
    Once you have finished showering, wrap up the session by turning the shower on completely. The stress of showering will take the stress out of your body, and help strengthen your body structure. However, showering before bed sometimes may not help our sleep cycles.
  4. Take a shower every day
    Showering and washing your hair on a daily basis can lead to dry skin and thinning hair. To avoid flaking of the skin and scalp, make sure you don’t rub yourself every day.
  5. Don’t wrap the towel around your hair
    Wet hair is precariously prone to breakage and shedding. Trapped wetness makes hair look less clean and fresh.
  6. Clean the shower head regularly
    A shower head is something we don’t end up cleaning up. Scrub the plaque from the shower head to enjoy a hygienic and sanitary shower.
  7. Keep the soap dish dry
    One needs to keep the soap dish dry so that it does not become host to germs and other bacteria. Keeping dish soap moist makes the soap cake melt and does not allow the unclean water to drain.
  8. Don’t leave your musk in the bathroom
    If you use a razor in the bathroom, be sure to remove it before you leave. Moisture may make the blades unsuitable for use.
  9. Change/clean the towel regularly
    Be sure to change or clean the towel regularly to avoid bacteria growing on it. Air the towel every day and don’t leave it runny.
  10. Clean your bathtub
    Every time you shower, be sure to scrub the bathtub immediately after use. This will help keep it clean for use afterwards – whether for someone else or even yourself. In addition, it stops the formation of Escherichia coli in pigeons.
  11. Do not leave the sponge wet
    Make sure to place the sponge in a clean, dry area after using it in the shower. A damp web, otherwise, can be a host for thriving microbes.
  12. Wash your feet well
    Most people tend to reject cleaning the feet as much as they think about cleaning the body. But careless washing can be the cause of toenail ingrown toenails.






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