9 Signs That Could Indicate You Have Cervical Cancer – Don’t Ignore Them

The risk of cervical cancer (cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix) is very high and there are a number of risk factors to consider. Some factors include: if you have had HPV, used birth control, smoked a cigarette, had HIV, are on a whole diet, or are at genetic risk.
Here are some signs that you may have cervical cancer:

  1. Unusual vaginal discharge
    If you notice severe and unusual vaginal discharge, see a doctor. It is a sign of cervical cancer and many other potential health issues.
  2. Leg pain
    Swelling and pain in the legs can be due to obstructed blood flow, which can be a sign of early cervical cancer.
  3. Unusual bleeding
    If you notice frequent bleeding between periods, see your doctor.
  4. Irregular urination
    It can be difficult to follow, but the main problem is bladder control. If you notice that you can’t control your bladder, it may be breathing for cervical cancer.
  5. Irregular Menstrual Cycles
    An irregular period can be a sigh of relief for many things. Unfortunately, it can also be a sign of an increased risk of cervical cancer.
  6. Discomfort during urination
    If you notice a burning sensation or pain during urination, hurry to consult your doctor.
  7. Sex is uncomfortable
    You should talk to your doctor about pain and discomfort during sex.
  8. Pain in the pelvic region
    Feeling severe pain in the pelvic area could be a sign of a tumor, and cramping in that area could also just be your period.
  9. Back pain
    It can be a sign of menstruation, but severe pain can also be a sign of a lump.






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